About Lizette Frank

Taking pictures was my first love, and I have wanted to be a photographer from a very early age. Thanks to my work in labour law, consulting and accreditation, I now have the opportunity to follow my lens wherever it leads me.

I have several favourite subjects and interests: professional portraits, personal portraits, boudoir photographs, sensual photographs, family photos, pregnancies and rites of passage such as engagements, matric farewells, wedding photos and marriage anniversaries.

When it comes to landscape photos, I tend to focus on people’s interaction with nature and/or buildings.

My specialty is sensual photography, an experience which – without fail – does wonders for the subject’s confidence, due to the extent of self-revelation and the surrender to the camera.

My studio is near Wembley Square, Cape Town. I like to travel and do so whenever my diary allows.

Photography is part science, part craft and part art. A photographer is also a creator; his or her camera is simply a tool.

We all have set ideas of what we look like in photographs. The best photographers are able to draw out the sparkle in his or her subject, i.e. what makes an individual unique.

Photo moments are more often created than stolen. Many people take average or good photographs, but most situations in which those photographs are taken require are ordinary and require little energy expenditure. Great work, on the other hand, is magical.

Mostly it requires effort, patience, planning, practice, attention to detail, perseverance, strong relationships and zest for life.

People photographs seldom work unless the subject trusts the photographer. Photographing someone is an intimate thing. It places me in a position of privilege. It’s a dialogue that requires the photographer’s undivided attention.

There is hardly an area of human experience that photography has not become vitally involved with: space, current affairs, under the sea, medicine, inner space and everywhere in between.

Powerful photos do much more than simply capturing what the camera “sees”. They connect us with another place and time.

An image without feeling or real human experiences has no meaning to anyone; it breaks the link between seeing and feeling. This is what makes photography an art form. Technology requires mastery so that the photographer can be in the moment rather than holding her breath; she must be able to smell the roses while photographing them.

The best photographs are full of life, tender and expressive. They whisper, wink, tease, caress, laugh or roar. They bring forth the fire in the eyes and fire on the skin.

My style has been described as energising, fun and intimate; the latter purely in the professional sense.

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